04 maj 2011

Oro, Familj, Ansvar.

I was thinking and thinking
I figured out how it could feel
And i don't know how to do
To reach you and get you out of that lonely dark
But i will, whatever it takes.
You deserve it all,
Cause your my treasure
My gold
My all.
Compassion, Love.

Three years ago
Something terrible happend to us.
Three years ago
I was at the age you are now
I remember how it was
I remember how important it was for me to not talk
About me and my feelings
How I was hiding
From feeling at all
And i realized it was the most dangerous thing to do
When this monster grows in to you
And everything that happens
Makes you selfdestruktive
And my dear sister im begging you
I don't wanna see you fall apart like that.
Or anyone.
I love you,
I'd die for you

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